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Each of the following questions illustrates one of the many aspects of college financial aid planning and application. There are literally dozens more and every one of them has the potential to substantially reduce a student's financial aid package. We apply our specific expertise to the entire process to ensure that you receive the largest financial aid package possible and the best education for the money.

  • How much effort should I put into locating private scholarships?
  • How much money can my High School Junior make without it negatively affecting their award package?
  • Which of my assets will weigh most heavily against my student's aid package?
  • Which schools have the best programs for my child's interest, and of those schools, which traditionally give the best aid packages to students like mine?
  • My tax advisor tells me to transfer some assets into my child's name. How will this impact his/her aid package?
  • I make too much money to receive any need-based aid. What are my best options to fund my child's education?