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I am a small business owner in Salt Lake City and have focused much of my life on career.  In 2008 my sister had brain surgery that resulted in a massive stroke.  From that point on I inherited the raising of her teenage children.

With no experience I quickly accepted that I had to acknowledge what I didn’t know and get help.  As the kids entered high school, I realized I didn’t have a clue as to how to prepare them for college.  It also became clear to me that - due to simply too many kids - that their high school would be little to no help at all.  Fortunately I had a friend refer me to Lori Warren and our journey began.

Lori quickly became my resource for everything college related.  Guidance counselors mean well I’m sure, but they simply don’t have the knowledge that Lori Warren has - from all of the acronyms that referred to testing and government entities to the college search and a great understanding as to which colleges were better for certain things.  Her understanding of timelines for testing and applications as well as the financial aid and scholarships rules for individual schools was fantastic.  Taking care of paperwork for all of those things and really keeping me and the kids on task was priceless.

Even for parents that aren’t novices like me, I can’t imagine not utilizing her experience and knowledge. The opportunities that have been wasted for so many kids is disheartening as I have met many kids that “could have” and just didn’t because they didn’t know how.  Her knowledge of the many, many individual schools, what they specialize in and what scholarship money is available at each is amazing. If every kid could have her coaching and support we would solve a lot of problems in this country.

The most rewarding part of working with Lori has been clear.  She is able to speak to kids with concern, knowledge, and a level of confidence that not only keeps them on task but makes them confident as well.  The kids may hear the same things from you as they do from her, but they hear her and have a desire to do right by her in a way that they don’t react to parents.  Without even knowing it Lori was able to pull one of my kids back from a path that was clearly headed in the wrong direction onto a path towards a successful future.  Lori made her WANT to succeed and gave her the CONFIDENCE to do just that.  It was life changing from then on and I couldn’t have done it myself.

Both of my kids have suffered horrendous tragedies and loss in their short lives.  No one would have been shocked to find they had slipped into problems, had no ambition, or were on drugs or worse.  While my kids do have some issues like all kids at this age, they are well adjusted and focused on their future.  They are both in college with extremely bright futures and doing all the right things to succeed. They are amazing kids but without the help of Lori Warren I don’t think our family would have the same outcome.  I strongly recommend EVERY parent use her for assistance with college prep.  She has a vast knowledge that you can't get with school guidance counselors.  Most importantly, her involvement with the kids by prepping them mentally and making them understand how important their future is and what they can accomplish is invaluable.

Kim Kendall 


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in recommendation of the advice and services provided by Lori Warren, Education Specialist. Based upon our friends ‘high praises of Lori, my husband and I hired her to advise our oldest child (who was then an incoming senior in high school) with regard to the college application process. Although late in our daughter’s academic career, Lori worked diligently with her to clarify our daughter’s areas of interest at the college level and then identify colleges and universities that would best suit her particular strengths. Lori answered my many questions and eased my anxieties as we navigated the process. With Lori’s help, my daughter not only found a university, which suited her, but gained a substantial scholarship (even though my daughter did not have a particularly high college entrance exam score). Then Lori completed the FAFSA form for our daughter, a daunting task, enabling our daughter to apply for additional scholarships and grants.

Based upon our positive experience with Lori, we quickly hired her to guide our son, then a sophomore in high school. With Lori’s recommendation, our son took the college prep exams in sufficient time to retake them, if necessary. His early applications to colleges and universities have already gained him admittance letters and scholarships beyond our expectations. Lori’s advice about résumés, letters of recommendation, high school activities, interviewing, dress, areas of interest, the FAFSA, schools most likely to have scholarship money available, and schools with particular academic specialties, has been invaluable. I give Lori our highest recommendation as an expert in her field. Without Lori’s vast knowledge and expertise, I would not have known many of the nuances and quirks of the application process and my children would not have had the success they have found in terms of college admittance and scholarships.

In sum, Lori has been the best kind of ally in the world of college application. She knows how the system works and her advice has been invaluable. I would hire her again without hesitation at the earliest possible point in my children’s undergraduate years.

If I can answer any questions of those who might be considering Lori’s services, I would be happy to do so.

Lauren Murdoch, Attorney at Law


To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Lori Warren for all your college searching needs. My family and I have known Lori for over several years now and not only has she been professional in her services, but has also become a friend.

We have always known that our son Samuel would attend college, but after attending Lori’s College Prep 101 class, we knew we were going to need her help in achieving that goal for our son. She was just the encouragement and guidance we needed. After giving Samuel a personality test, she was able to show him the endless opportunities for career choices. This allowed Samuel to research several colleges and universities all over the country that specialized in these career choices.

Lori’s encouragement to Samuel has been priceless. She showed him how to study for the ACT and SAT, he passed these tests with high scores. She also helped Sam put together his resume for college applications, and then coached him for interviews. When it came time to fill out the FAFSA, Lori took care of the whole thing.

We honestly believe if it had not been for Lori, the entire college process would have sent us over the edge. She knew exactly what was needed from us as parents and from our son. The best advice she gave our son, was to “always think 15 minutes into the future, with each decision that is made.” Not only did she help, but she also became a mentor to our son.

All in all, Lori is worth every penny spent. She is an amazing woman, and knows how to get the job done. We highly recommend her to every parent that has a college bound student.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Lori and her services.


George and Barb Lyle

Chubbuck, Idaho


To Whom It May Concern:

In June of 2003, due to budget reductions at our school, Mackay Jr/Sr High School was no longer able to employ a counselor. This left our students floundering with nowhere to go for college prep and financial aid information.

I was hired part-'time to assist the students with scholarship and college information. With no experience, and never having worked in an education environment before, I was lost.

A parent contacted me to share a newspaper article with me that she had seen about Lori Warren and the services she provides as an Education Specialist for students planning to go to college and noted that Ms. Warren did free seminars.

Out of desperation, I contacted Ms. Warren to see if she could visit our school and share her knowledge with our students. She agreed to come and present a financial aid night for our Juniors and Seniors at no cost. The workshop is very well done and extremely informative and gives the families a real understanding of the admissions and financial aid process.

I and my administrators have been so impressed with her and her presentation that have continued to invite her on a regular basis to visit with our students and share her knowledge.

Lori is very knowledgeable, willing, and happy to share her knowledge. The service she provides students who are planning to go on to college is exceptional and fair. I would enthusiastically recommend any of our students and parents who were interested to use her services. Those who have, have nothing but praise for Lori and what she has helped them to achieve.


Susan T. Halterman - Bldg Manager/Careers

Mackay High School

P O Box 390

411 Rose Ave

Mackay ID 83251



To Whom It May Concern,

It is with pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Lori Warren and her company, My College Answers. With well over 1000 students attending my son’s high school and three guidance counselors it is not hard to figure out what type of college counseling is available given the daily problems they have to deal with. We wanted the best information available for our son’s college and future. We had an initial consultation with Lori Warren and were very impressed with the services they offered. We started working with Ms. Warren in our son's junior year of high school, although I would recommend the sophomore year. With the advice we received on a monthly basis and his individual counseling sessions, our son was able to do the necessary things to build an excellent college résumé. With this advice, he was accepted to every college that he applied for including three highly ranked private colleges. Not only was he accepted at these private colleges, he was offered some very good financial aid packages. Because of the advice from Lori Warren, our son will be attending a highly rated private college instead of a local state college, which will give him a definite advantage in his future. I believe that students need any advantage they can get in the competitive world and My College Answers definitely gave us the edge we needed. I would recommend their services to any parent that is concerned for their child's future.


K. Blanchard



I was skeptical about paying money to have someone help us with funding for college. We assumed that sending our children to a university was not financially possible for us. We went to the free seminar anyway and one of the first things that Lori said was "You can do all of this yourself if you are willing to put forth the time and effort.” That sounded like a good idea at first until I realized how much was involved.

It is a good thing that we hired Lori Warren to make it happen. The financial aid process is overwhelming and complex. Timeliness, precision, and thoroughness, among other things, are so critical to actually being awarded the money. It takes a lot of coaching, persistence, caring and so on to guide parents and students through this. Lori is so knowledgeable and experienced at dealing with the universities and financial aid system. I consider her an expert at what she does.

I am so glad that we signed up for the program. Two of my sons were awarded money and are attending universities and the other kids are being guided through the steps toward their college funding. This would not have happened without the help of Lori and Wayne.

Thank you,

Jeff & family



I would like to thank you for all of your assistance recently with the mix-ups in Amber's tuition. I am confident that your input helped to put things straight!

We contacted you for your help "late in the game" as Amber had already selected her college of choice and was accepted. She had been given several scholarships and things were looking pretty good. The only problem was that the "estimated" cost of attendance and the "real" cost of attendance were not as close as we had planned. Your guidance has dropped the family contribution from around $10,000 per year to approximately $5000. Your help with completing all of those confusing forms and your follow through to make sure everything was taken care of was especially appreciated. We are counting on your help and guidance next year and I am advising all of my friends with college bound students to contact you, the earlier the better!

Thanks for all of your help!


Mary Ann Igoe


To Whom It May Concern,

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for Lori Warren.  Lori has been a superior help with the financial aid for our daughter, who was  entering into her first year of college.

I had no knowledge and felt so overwhelmed with all the different forms to be filed, how to begin to choose a college that would best fit our daughter's need, how to obtain financial aid, and how to negotiate with the different colleges. Lori has proven without a doubt that she knows her business. We are so excited to say that our daughter gets to attend her first year of college with all expenses met 100%. No cost is corning from her father and I and I  have to say that Lori has helped beyond our expectations.

Lori Warren is trustworthy, hardworking, and very effective with the services she offers. I need to also say that she makes you feel that you are important to her and she truly wants to do all she can to see that you receive the best financial aid package available to you. I would recommend her without reservations. We are very pleased and plan to come back to her in the fall.

Yours truly, 

Sharon Johnson


To Whom It May Concern;

We are pleased to recommend Lori Warren for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award. We think very highly of Lori's business, “My College Answers, LLC". Her guidance has been instrumental in the success of our two sons.

Our eldest son was a high school freshman when we first became clients. We had heard of Lori by word of mouth from other parents how she had helped their children become more prepared for college. Through her guidance, he is now a very successful sophomore at Boston University studying Manufacturing Engineering on a full scholarship. We feel confident that her influence helped him to reach his goals.

We have been impressed with the structure and organization of her business. She has each student set up with a plan, a timeline, and clear expectations. She sends out a newsletter to remind and inform her students of things they should be doing to stay on track. She pays attention to details. She stays on top of the trends, anything she can do to give her students an edge. She is serious about her student's successes.

We were so impressed with Lori's influence on the eldest son, that we enrolled our youngest son in her practice. Lori is still the best person to teach him the skills he will need to achieve his future educational goals.

We could not be more pleased with our association with Lori Warren. Besides being an expert at giving career counseling, we find her to be a very friendly, warm-hearted, person of exceptional character. She is well deserving of, and we are honored to recommend her for this award.

Thank you,

D & W Leatherman


To Parents of college-bound high school kids:

In one week, my husband and I will be taking our 18-year old college freshman daughter to Boise State University. It was a tortuous road to get to this happy beginning for her, but here we are. We sincerely thank Lori Warren for helping us navigate the college entrance rocky road, and therefore, I wish to highly recommend her services to other parents.

We went to Lori based on glowing recommendations from friends. Kate, our daughter, was certain she wanted to go away to college, so we needed help.  I juggle many, many demands at work and home and knew learning all the ropes of college entrance and scholarships would be another big undertaking.  Kate thought my college days were too far-gone to know how things work now, anyway. She was right.

We are recouping our investment with Lori many times over. At the very first meeting, Lori got Kate to accept that for the first two years of college away she would not have a car. We left the first meeting knowing we had just saved more than what Lori charged for her services. The other way we have recouped our investment, many times over, is that Kate was awarded a four-year scholarship that will almost cover all the tuition/fees. She received a second scholarship for the first two years that will bring that to full coverage of tuition/fees. Thanks to Lori, Kate also understands that we will not just be paying all the bills; she will have responsibility as well.

There are so many things Lori helped Kate with. She progresses the kids through myriad of options for college majors, if they are undecided. And then they look at many different options for universities. After that, they look at scholarships and getting their applications in good form and sent in on time-all the responsibility of the kids. She does the FAFSA (financial aid form) for the parents. Finally, the kids compare what scholarships they are awarded against what the schools will cost and how much they will need to borrow and pay back themselves.

And that is how we ended up with a happy daughter, excited to start college and ready to be responsible and successful.  Lori, we thank you most sincerely.

Best regards,

L Mills, MD


Dear Lori,

I just wanted to thank you for how much you have helped me throughout the past several years. I would always look forward into the future to a greater extent than I was able to enjoy the present, and would burden myself with worries that were not yet existent. Counseling with you truly helped me to feel secure about my academic/career future, which helped me to relax and enjoy high school and work through other, ultimately more important obstacles in my life. Financially, college turned out better than I had ever expected, and I owe that to you and to the principles and tricks-of-the-trade that you have taught me. Also, more than that, you actually cared. You cared about my life and about my struggles. I cannot explain how reassuring and fulfilling it was for me to feel like an adult cared just as much about my desires and ambitions, trials and troubles as I did myself. Thank you.

The last year and a half facilitated more internal change than ever before in my life, and I feel like a completely different person than I was two years ago. Part of that change is that I have learned to trust the outcome and progression of my life to the Lord. I heard some choice words of wisdom, which truly explain so many problems I have had: "Resentment is living in the past, fear is projecting into the future, and serenity is embracing the moment." I have lived most of my life in fear and resentment. That is no longer the situation. The greatest lesson I learned at college was to submit my will to the Lord. Of everything you have ever told me, what I remember most clearly was when you shared some of your own growing-up experiences with me and said something to the effect of this: "The Lord already knows and has created the path that each of us will take in this life. He has particular assignments for each of us, to which those paths lead. When we get off the path, he picks us up and puts us right back on it, sometimes forcefully." I have always remembered that, and learned the truth of it at college when I met Hope. Hope was investigating the Church, and we soon became best friends. In October of last year, she was baptized. At her baptism, I remember receiving the distinct prompting while singing the hymn; "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go," that Colorado School of Mines was exactly where the Lord intended me to be. I needed to meet Hope so that I could help her grow strong in her testimony and help her come to Christ. It was no chance or coincidence that none of my top schools accepted me, and that Clemson would not hold my scholarship over a mission. The Lord just knew how stubborn I was and knew that if I had the chance to go to MIT or Cal-Tech, I wouldn't listen to Him when He told me I needed to go to CSM. I appreciate you so much for helping me to achieve my ambitions, and I would not trade this outcome for anything. Now that my ambitions have changed as I have gained an understanding of what it means to submit to the Lord's will, we will just have to wait and see where the he takes me after I return from San Antonio. Thanks for everything.

J. Petersen


October 17, 2008

RE:      Lori Warren, Educational Consultant

To Whom It May Concern:

I writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Lori Warren.  Approximately four (4) years ago, my husband and I retained Ms. Warren to assist us in developing a higher education plan for our two children and to assist us in obtaining financial assistance for their higher education, if any was possible. 

Our children were not necessarily goal-oriented toward college at the time we retained the services of Ms. Warren.  They thought that anyone could just go on to college after high school.  In fact, both children had learning disabilities - one suffered from ADD and the other from ADHD.  Thus, keeping our children’s high school grades at acceptable levels and their general knowledge at what is necessary for college was a monumental task for us as parents.  Thus, Ms. Warren was not dealing with the most motivated or scholastically capable of students, and we were feeling somewhat helpless in motivating our children despite the fact that my husband and I both have multiple college degrees.  He is a chemical engineer, and I am an attorney.

Ms. Warren, however, has a learning disabled child herself.  She became one of our best allies in attempting to counsel and direct our children.  She talked to them about the importance of good grades and the importance of taking both the ACT and SAT exams as well as when to take these exams.  She assisted them in scheduling these exams and assisted them in selecting appropriate colleges and completing the application process.  She encouraged them to be involved in community and school activities and in having interests outside of school.   

Ultimately, because of our children’s mediocre grades, they were not eligible for academic scholarships; however, our son was able to get assistance through vocational rehabilitation which he ultimately lost due to, again, misdirection and poor performance.  Our son subsequently transferred to a community college which was the placement Ms. Warren had originally suggested for him.  Our daughter received a sports scholarship and is currently attending a community college.  Without Ms. Warren’s assistance, I am not sure that we could have accomplished this much.

Ms. Warren provides her services with a high level of commitment and a dose of reality.  I believe that her services may be even more helpful to those students who are not academicians but who still have potential.  In my opinion, any advisor could assist those students who are high achievers.  It takes much more skill and passion to assist those students who fall short of being in the honor society, are not in student government, and who still have a lot of maturing ahead of them in reaching their potential.  We will forever be grateful to Ms. Warren for her efforts on our behalf.

Very truly yours,

Judith A. Lewis-Frazee